Investment Philosophy


Since its founding in 2013, the Company has invested in several small and large real estate investments, including vacant multi-unit buildings, condo developments, multi-family rental developments and mixed use retail developments.  The company leverages its network of contacts to source real estate investments with an attractive risk-adjusted return, and applies rigorous due diligence and conservative financial analysis prior to making any investments.


MSCG has capital available for select real estate development projects and investments.  MSCG applies a rigorous due diligence process in order to ensure the Company is making appropriate and responsible investment decisions.  The investment capital is ultimately priced based on the risk/return profile of the project, which is impacted by a number of variables: sponsor track record, project size, market/location, capital structure, leverage, etc.


MSCG invests in real estate with the philosophy that it is an asset class that is subject to cycles, in terms of its underlying supply and demand and pricing relative to other financial assets.  Leveraging its network of contacts and market expertise, MSCG employs a number of strategies to identify opportunities, maximize value, and attain attractive returns while minimizing risk.  MSCG is able to achieve this by being disciplined and adhering to a set of guiding investment principles:

  • Attractive going-in basis – do not overpay to get the deal

  • Proactively source deals off-market through proprietary network of relationships

  • Creative ownership and prudent financing structures – JVs, seller financing, preferred equity, etc.

  • Maintain flexibility through multiple exit options

  • Account for a “margin of error” – value investing philosophy

  • Rigorous and thorough due diligence and conservative underwriting

  • Experienced based investing in core locations and properties – focus on what we know and what works